An Exclusive Online Webinar hosted by Kate Toon



Hello SEO Lovers!

Let’s be honest – SEO is a giant pain in the bum.

Not only is it stuffed full of technical gobbledygook, it changes every five minutes. And the so-called SEO experts never seem to agree. But don’t worry.

This FREE webinar will get you started on your journey towards SEO success.

Psst! Can't make the date? NO WORRIES - there's a FREE SEVEN DAY REPLAY!!

"For anyone that is wanting to understand the complexities of SEO in a more simplified manner, you have got to get yourself off to this sort of training. From the outset, Kate explained the process in an easy to understand form and starts building the foundation to a solid knowledge of all things SEO."
Rob Sanders | Brand Solutions

"Kate is such a pro and is brilliant at delivering essential SEO tips and tricks in simple speak. 30 mins is a great length too - long enough to get loads of great advice (and questions answered) but not too long that you lose attention. I'll be following all these great Webinars!"
Helen Fletcher | Copywriter


What you'll learn:

What SEO is and how it works.
The three pillars of SEO.
The power behind content's throne.
Why SEO is so important.
3 SEO myths you need to stop believing.
A few home truths about Yoast and Wix.
You'll also get the chance to ask me YOUR SEO questions
An honest, zero sell, SEO training experience